Section 4: Exploring the environment

Key Focus Question: How can you gather data to develop pupils’ learning about the environment?

Keywords: environment; data gathering; assessment; diaries; real-life stories

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this section, you will have:

  • used real-life stories, data gathering and diaries to develop understanding of environmental issues;
  • planned, carried out and reflected on an action on a local environmental issue;
  • assessed the learning of the class and the success of the project.


A major issue across the world is the impact that people have on their environment. If we use up or misuse resources and pollute the environment we have a negative effect on wildlife and crops, and we run the risk of damaging the world for future generations.

As a teacher, and a responsible citizen, you need to be aware of environmental matters and act as a role model for your pupils as well as helping them to understand the issues. You can do this best by giving them activities that involve gathering information about the environment, both locally and more widely, and using what they find out to think about the consequences of different actions.

Resource 3: Barrina Primary School, Kenya, school garden

1. Focus on the local environment