Resource 3: HIV and AIDS quiz

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This quiz is online at generalquiz.htm [Tip: hold Ctrl and click a link to open it in a new tab. (Hide tip)] (Accessed 2008) and you can complete it there yourself. If your pupils have Internet access, you could also use it with them. If not, there is a text version here. Tick what you think is the right answer.

1. Does HIV only affect gay people?
YesNoOnly Gay MenOnly Gay Women

2. Approximately how many people are living with HIV worldwide?
38.6 million25.8 million3.5 million

3. How can you tell if somebody has HIV or AIDS?
Because of the way they actThey look tired and illThere is no easy way to tell

4. Can you get AIDS from sharing the cup of an infected person?
YesNoOnly if you don't wash the cup

5. When was AIDS first defined?

6. Which protects you most against HIV infection?
CondomsContraceptive PillsSpermicide Jelly

7. What are the specific symptoms of AIDS?
There are no specific symptomsA rash from head to toeYou start to look very tired

8. What is HIV?
A virusA bacteriumA fungus

9. Can insects transmit HIV?
Only mosquitoesYesNo

10. What does STD stand for?
Sexually Transmitted DiseaseSpecial Treatment DoctorStandard Transmission Deficiency

11. Is there a cure for AIDS?
YesNoOnly available on prescription

12. When is World AIDS Day held?
1st January1st December1st June

13. Worldwide, HIV is most common in which age range?
0–14 years old15–24 years old25–34 years old

14. Is there a difference between HIV and AIDS?
Yes, HIV is the virus that causes AIDSNo, HIV and AIDS are the same thingYes, AIDS is the virus that causes HIV

15. What percentage of those infected with HIV are women?
Nearly 25%Nearly 50%Nearly 75%

16. Is it possible to lower the risk of an HIV positive woman infecting her baby?
Yes, the risk can be made much lowerNo, not at allOnly very slightly


Question 1.

        Answer – No

Question 2.

        Answer – 38.6 million

Question 3.

        Answer – There is no easy way to tell

Question 4.

        Answer – No

Question 5.

        Answer – 1982

Question 6.

        Answer – Condoms

Question 7.

        Answer – There are no specific symptoms

Question 8.

        Answer – A virus

Question 9.

        Answer – No

Question 10.

        Answer – Sexually Transmitted Disease

Question 11.

        Answer – No

Question 12.

        Answer – 1st December

Question 13.

        Answer – 15–24 years old

Question 14.

        Answer – Yes, HIV is the virus that causes AIDS

Question 15.

        Answer – Nearly 50%

Question 16.

        Answer – Yes, the risk can be made much lower

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