Section 3 : Ways of taking responsibility

Key Focus Question: How can you link home and school knowledge to help school achievement?

Keywords: group work; discussion; taking responsibility; achievement; home links

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this section, you will have:

  • used linking activities at home and at school;
  • used group work and discussion to identify how beliefs and values relate to classroom behaviour;
  • helped pupils make their own rules for classroom behaviour.


Helping your pupils to want to take responsibility for their own learning is an important task.

Part of this means involving pupils in managing the classroom and its resources. In this section, you work with your pupils to make the classroom a more effective place, by explaining and then giving out particular responsibilities.

You will also encourage pupils to develop their own classroom rules, by showing how their beliefs can apply to their behaviour in the classroom. Having these rules will benefit both you and them. Showing respect and trust in your pupils will have a positive influence on their attitudes as people and learners.

It may help to read Resource 1: The benefits of classroom principles before starting this section.

1. Working in groups