Resource 6: Questions for self-evaluation

Background information / subject knowledge for teacher

When answering these questions, it is very important that you answer the questions honestly so that you can reflect on your practice better in order to develop as a more effective teacher

  • Do I feel more confident in using group work?
  • Did using different group sizes and types improve my lessons and make it easier for pupils to understand?
  • Do I feel practical work helps pupils’ understanding, and am I confident in using it?
  • Did my pupils enjoy doing these practical mathematical activities?
  • Did I give my pupils enough time to do their practical tasks?
  • How can I improve my teaching of this topic?
  • What would I change next time?

Questions about the use of practical activities and simple resources

  • Did the activities help me meet my learning objectives?
  • Were the activities appropriate for my class?
  • Did the activities stimulate the pupils’ interest?
  • Did the resources help me meet my learning objectives?
  • Were the resources appropriate for my class?
  • Did the resources stimulate the pupils’ interest?
  • How enjoyable were the lessons?

Resource 5: Comparing fractions