Resource 3: Pupil instructions for weighing activity

Teacher resource for planning or adapting to use with pupils

  1. Put the object to be weighed, say 1 milk tin, in the left scale pan of the balance. Place one bean in the other scale pan. Which is heavier?
  2. Add more beans one at a time, in the scale pan on the right until the two sides balance. How many beans do you require for this?
  3. Repeat using bottle tops instead of beans.
  4. Repeat (1) and (2) for each of the objects to be weighed.
  5. Record your observations in the form of the table below
  6. Find out how many bottle tops weigh as much as 10 beans.
  7. Find out how many beans weigh as much as 10 bottle tops.

Resource 2: Worksheets

Resource 4: Traditional weights used in Ghana