Section 2 : Human settlements and resources

Key Focus Question: What different activities can you use to explore why people settle in particular places?

Keywords: resources; case study; group work; settlements; debate; questions

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this section, you will have:

  • used small group work and debate to help pupils understand the resources needed for living;
  • used pictures and maps to explore the relationship between the availability of resources and human settlement.


Every day of our lives we use resources of all kinds and as the population of the world increases there is great pressure on many of these resources.

As a teacher exploring these ideas with your pupils, it is important to start by finding out what they already know about the resources in their own environment. It is then possible to plan how to extend their knowledge and engage them in thinking more deeply about the issues. The Case Studies in this section show how some teachers explained these ideas and will help you think about what you will do in the activities.

1. Organising a brainstorming session