12.1 Auditing teaching methods

It can be difficult to know how to begin to reflect on and make changes to your teaching. An audit tool can provide this first step.

Activity 12.1: Active teaching methods audit

This activity provides a tool that you can use to gauge progress with using an active approach to teaching and learning.

Part 1

You can use this audit with your student teachers, but in order to become familiar with it you should do this audit for yourself first.

Use the audit: Self-audit and targets: active teaching and learning methods.

It is in section 12.4 at the back of this Tool.

  • fill in the table for yourself. For each of the 24 activities, tick the appropriate statement that applies to you – feel free to annotate the table in the margin
  • choose three of the methods that you are not familiar with or less knowledgeable about and explore the TESSA materials which have examples of classroom activities using the method. If you are online, you could use the suggestions in the 3.2 Active teaching and learning methods table for assistance.
  • having completed the audit, what are your conclusions?

Part 2

Now that you are familiar with this audit table and the way it works, plan how you might use it with your student teachers to help you and them to review their progression and progress through developing an active approach to teaching and learning.

Tool 12: Being a reflective practitioner

12.2 Being a reflective teacher educator