12.4 Teaching Methods Audit

Highlighted HighlightedActive teaching and learning methodHighlightedSome of the teaching skills neededHighlightedStrengthHighlightedTo developHighlightedNever used
1.Building models
  • thinking about what learners will learn.
  • able to build the model
  • using observation
3.Collaborative activities
  • knowing learners to decide on working groups
  • giving all learners an opportunity to participate
  • organisation. Explaining clearly and in a manner to keep learners’ interest.
  • ensuring all learners have an opportunity to participate
7.Displaying real items (exhibitions)
  • organising the classroom or exhibition space
  • thinking how learners can share their knowledge, e.g. labels
  • thinking about what learners will learn
  • classroom organisation and management
  • being able to play the game
9.Group work
  • arranging your classroom in advance
  • deciding how to divide the learners
  • deciding on a job for each learner in the group
10.Investigation/ inquiry
  • planning the investigation/inquiry with the learners
  • deciding how learners will report
11.Making deductions
  • helping learners to discover for themselves
12.Mind mapping/ brainstorming
  • identifying the issue or problem
  • agreeing the rules with learners
  • giving a clear summary at the end
13.Observation/ identification
  • using local resources
  • using questioning
  • helping learners form appropriate questions
15.Problem solving
  • setting out the problem clearly
  • identifying in advance areas of difficulty
  • thinking of questions that will help learners
16.Project method
  • using group work
  • helping learners discover and think for themselves
  • thinking about the type of question – open or closed
  • encouraging all learners to answer
  • encouraging learners to think for themselves
18.Reporting/oral presentation
  • using a variety of ways – oral, posters etc.
  • giving clear guidelines
19.Researching/ exploration
  • defining the research question
  • deciding on the research method
  • deciding on how the findings will be recorded
20.Role play
  • using group work to act out a situation
  • management of role-play
  • giving learners a clear brief
22.Storytelling/folk tales
  • identifying where you can find local and other stories
  • using different people to tell stories – you, learners and local people
23.Student field work
  • planning
  • setting clear learning objectives
  • using investigations
  • using good time management.
My own targets:
HighlightedI will work onHighlightedI am to complete by (date)HighlightedHow I will know I have developed my use of the method sufficientlyHighlightedI will need the following support

12.3 Supporting student teachers’ reflection

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