5.3 Supporting student teachers’ understanding of effective teachers

Part of the supervisor role is to help student teachers to become more aware of the attributes of effective teachers. By using the TESSA teacher materials and reflecting on how they are used, student teachers become more critical of their own teaching and learn more about themselves and how to teach.

Activity 5.3: Supporting student teachers’ understanding of effective teachers

This activity invites you to think about to help students acquire the attributes of good teachers.

In what ways can teacher educators help student teachers understand and develop the attributes of good teachers?

  • go to the TESSA website [Tip: hold Ctrl and click a link to open it in a new tab. (Hide tip)] and download 3 modules, each from a different collection (Life Skills, Literacy, Numeracy, Social science and the arts, Science and Secondary science)
  • which of the attributes of a good teacher are exemplified in each module?

As well as analysing examples of teachers’ practice, you can help your student teachers to develop these attributes by:

  • Being a role model through demonstrating the knowledge, skills and qualities of a good teacher through your own teaching.
  • Showing respect for your student teachers’ knowledge, skills and values. Do not see yourself as the holder of all knowledge.
  • Talking about the attributes of effective teachers. This does not mean lecturing student teachers about it. When you notice a student teacher demonstrating one of these characteristics, compliment them by naming what they are doing. For example, if you observe a student teacher walking round the room during the lesson, listening and encouraging learner talk, praise this behaviour: “I liked how you were showing respect to learners by listening to their idea”.
  • Sowing the seeds of possibility and hope in your student teachers. They need to have the faith and imagination to see that it is possible to do things differently. For example, tell them about other examples of student teachers trying out more active learning methods, and use them yourself in your teaching sessions at college.

5.2 What research says about effective teachers

Tool 6: Recognising a good lesson