Resource 5: Assessing models

Teacher resource for planning or adapting to use with pupils

Criteria for assessing models of cells

  1. Is the model clearly labelled?

    It should be obvious what all the parts are and they should be labelled.

  2. Does it include all the relevant parts?

    All the key parts should be present.

  3. Are the parts in the right proportion in terms of size?

    For example, if a tennis ball is used for the nucleus, the chloroplasts could be marbles.

  4. Does the model reflect the nature of the cell? Have appropriate materials been used to represent the parts?

    For example, is the cell wall made of a rigid material? Is the cytoplasm squashy?

  5. Does the model reflect the 3D aspects of cells?

    Children find this aspect of cells difficult to imagine and one of the main reasons for making a model is to show the 3D nature of the cell.

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