Resource 2: Think-pair-share Activity

Teacher resource for planning or adapting to use with pupils

The words, definitions and examples are in the wrong order. Your students need to match them up correctly. You could get them to copy the lists as you have written them on the board and use a pencil to join the word with the correct definition and example. Alternatively, you could ask them to match the numbers and letters and when you have agreed the correct answers, ask them to copy the table with everything in the correct order.

Key wordDefinitionsExample
1. meltingA. changing from a gas to a liquidS. sugar disappearing into water
2. evaporationB. the liquid in which a solid dissolves to form a solutionT. when molten iron solidifies
3. dissolvingC. changing from a solid to a liquidU. water changing to water vapour
4. solutionD. a solid that dissolves in a liquid to make a solutionV. salt water
5. soluteE. changing from a liquid to a gasW. when steam forms water on a cold surface
6. solventF. the mixture formed when a solid ‘disappears’ into a liquidX. the salt in salt water
7. condensationG. changing from a liquid to a solidY. ice changing to water
8. freezingH. when a solid is mixed with a liquid and seems to disappearZ. the water in salt water

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