Resource 4: Role play on community relationships

Teacher resource for planning or adapting to use with pupils

Here are some ideas for role plays you can do with your pupils. They are just ideas to get you started. Can you think of more relevant situations for your own community and pupils? If so, write your own role plays or adapt the ones below.

You can stop each story where we have left it and ask the pupils to make up their own endings. This way, the pupils can work in groups and come up with different solutions to the problems. Or you can write your own ending to the story to make any points you wish.

Zalela meets the chief

Zalela had a problem with his neighbour who kept letting his goats into Zalela’s garden where they would eat all his vegetables. It had happened many times. Zalela tried to talk to his neighbour but he would not listen. His neighbour used to be very friendly, but lately he was often in the beer parlour and did not care much about his house or his friends.

Zalela decided to go to the chief to ask for some advice. …

Mr Josephthe storekeeper

Mr Joseph has a small store that sells food and household items. His store is a great help to the women in the village as it saves them walking so far to the next town. Mr Joseph is the proud owner of a refrigerator and a generator. Now he can also sell cold things, like cool drinks and milk – even meat. The young people like to come to his shop to buy cola. One day, Mr Joseph found that while he had been busy serving one boy with some sweets, two other boys opened his fridge and stole two bottles of cola. He was very upset and he decided to ….

Kingsley and his grandfather

Kingsley’s grandfather is very old – he is 92! He lives with Kingsley and his three sisters and his mother and his aunt and her baby. Most of the time grandfather stays in his room or on his special chair outside the front door under the shade of the mango tree. He is often grumpy and complains about the noise the children make. Kingsley’s mother tells him they must look after grandfather as he is the head of their household. He has his old age pension from the government, which helps to buy their food. Kingsley is quite scared of him and prefers to let his sisters look after grandfather.

One day, his sisters are all out fetching water and mother tells Kingsley he must take grandfather his evening meal. Kingsley is very worried. He takes the food and then ….

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