Resource 6: Guidelines for planning a community-based activity

Background information / subject knowledge for teacher

  • Identify a community issue that your pupils could address. It needs to be relevant to their learning and help the community.
  • Identify who from the community they will work with. If possible, these partners will have some experience of working with schoolchildren. They need to be willing to contribute to this activity and to support the pupils with information and guidance.
  • Plan how and when the community members will be involved, and with whom.
  • Plan how you will organise the pupils to do these activities.
  • Plan how you will explain the activities to your pupils.
  • Decide how you will observe and guide your pupils during the different stages.

Now carry out the activity and then think about how successful it was. If you did this again, what would you change?

Resource 5: Responses to the role play

Section 5: Ways of managing conflict