Resource 5: Quiz about measurement

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  1. In the 2002 Commonwealth Games weightlifter Obrie Nondo lifted

    A      200 grams.

    B      20 kilograms.

    C      200 kilograms.

  2. The total distance around the borders of Zambia is

    A      57 kilometres.

    B      580 kilometres.

    C      5,664 kilometres.

  3. Samuel Matete is a hurdler, whose fastest time for the 400-metre hurdles race is

    A      12.30 seconds.

    B      44.88 seconds.

    C      2 minutes 15 seconds.

  4. The caterpillar of the Emperor Moth – ifinkobala – grows to about

    A      45 millimetres.

    B      45 centimetres.

    C      45 metres.

  5. Victoria Falls is more than

    A      10 metres wide.

    B      1 kilometre wide.

    C      20 kilometres wide.

  6. In less than four minutes, long distance runner Obed Mutanya can run

    A      15 metres.

    B      150 metres.

    C      1,500 metres.

  7. The highest place in Zambia is over

    A      25 metres above sea level.

    B      230 metres above sea level.

    C      2,300 metres above sea level.

  8. An impala can reach running speeds of

    A      70 kilometres per hour.

    B      70 kilometres per minute.

    C      70 kilometres per second.

Answers: 1C; 2C; 3B; 4A; 5B; 6C; 7C; 8A

Resource 4: Units of measurement

Section 2: Measuring and handling time