Resource 4: Baobab tree

Teacher resource for planning or adapting to use with pupils

The height of the Baobab tree

Remind your pupils that the height of the tree is 60 m. Ask them:

‘Do you think if all the pupils here were to balance on each other’s heads you would eventually reach to the top of this tree?

That would not be easy and so what else can we do? Yes, we could try lying down instead.

Let’s do that.’

Ask about ten pupils to lie down and ask another pupil to measure and see if that is enough.

Now ask: How many pupils do you think it will take?

Add more pupils until how many it takes to make 60 m is reached.

Finally, ask someone to describe how tall the baobab tree is.

The circumference of the Baobab tree

We are told that the circumference of the tree is 6 m. Ask your pupils:

‘How many pupils do you think it would take if you wanted to make a ring around the tree, with fingers touching?’

Try it by asking one pupil to measure 6 m. Then form a circle and count the pupils – this will give you an idea of the circumference of the tree.

Now try these questions with your group:

  1. Before this activity I thought 60 m was:
    • a.As tall as my school building
    • b.As tall as a mountain
    • c.As high as a tall tree
    • d.As tall as a telephone tower
    • e.Hadn’t thought about it
  2. It would take the following number of classmates to make a ring around the baobab tree
    • a.At least 7
    • b.At least 6
    • c.At least 5
    • d.At least 4
    • e.At least 3
  3. 1 m in length is approximately:
    • a.The span from the tip of an average person’s nose to their fingers with arms outstretched
    • b.The height of an average person
    • c.The length of a small table
    • d.The height of a cow

Resource 3: Question on length