Resource 3: Instructions for making a waterwheel

Background information / subject knowledge for teacher

You will need a knitting needle, glass or plastic tube e.g. pen case (which the knitting needle can pass through), string (about 1.5 m), modelling clay/prestik and stiff cardboard.

Cut out the eight blades for the waterwheel from cardboard – they should be rectangles about 6 cm by 4 cm.

Thread the knitting needle through the glass tube.

Tie the end of the string round the glass tube and cover the end with lump of prestik.

Then put a larger piece of prestik over this and stick the blades of your wheel into the prestik at regular intervals.

Tie a weight to the other end of your string.

Then try out your wheel. Hold the knitting needle and pour water over the blades on one side.

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