Resource 1: Renewable and non-renewable resources

Background information / subject knowledge for teacher

Renewable resourcesNon-renewable resources
Wood from planted trees – gum and pineWood from wild forest trees
Planted cropsWild medicine herbs if too much is taken
Meat from farm animalsThreatened wild animals
Water (if we don’t pollute it)Soil that has eroded won’t come back
Water power (hydroelectricity)Coal
Wind powerOil
From the sun – solar energyPetrol and diesel – from oil
Paraffin from oil

Note: You might see how the teacher has started by accepting most of the suggested items the pupils present and has tried where possible to use their own words. This gives them confidence to add more. If the teacher rephrases everything they suggest into textbook-type language many children get discouraged – accepting and working with their actual words is very important.

You might also have noticed how the teacher has steered the attention to energy aspects – by adding in a sub-heading. Depending on where they live, pupils might also know of natural gas, which is considered a non-renewable resource.

3. Group work with a focus on recycling

Resource 2: Products from crude oil