Resource 3: Waste disposal

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In the 21st century, waste and pollution are amongst the world’s most urgent topics. But the extract from a Zambian magazine below was written more than 30 years ago:

‘What do you throw away each day? Perhaps it’s not a lot. Think next about what your family throws away, then your village or town. Here is a list of things that people throw away:


Put a tick beside the things you have thrown away today. Next, ask yourself these questions about each thing:

  • Where does it come from?
  • Can we make or grow more?
  • Where did you throw it?
  • Will it be dangerous where you threw it?
  • What will happen to it now?
  • Could it have been used again?

And next time, before you throw, think first!

Do you think the situation in Zambia (waste and pollution) has improved or got worse? What are the possible reasons for this trend?

Adapted from original source: ORBIT Vol 4 No 3 p4

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