Resource 6: How weather affected Mr Mubita and his family

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Mr Mubita is a farmer in Choma. He has a wife and six children.

One day, Mr Mubita ’s family woke up to bright and sunny weather. On their way to the farm, the youngest child was complaining about the biting sun, and had to remove his shirt because of the heat.

In the afternoon, when everybody was working on the farm, rain started to fall. Everybody was soaked in the rainwater and had to stop work until the rain stopped about one hour later. Meanwhile, the youngest child was enjoying the change in the weather and running around the farmland playing with the water on the leaves of plants.

After the rain, the children suddenly realised that the weather had become cool. The cool weather encouraged the family to work for another two hours before they finally left for home.

Mr Mubita was not expecting rain that day and so was not happy that the rain disorganised some of his plans for the day on the farm, but thanked God that the rain would make his crops do well.

That night, the weather became very cold and the family had to make a huge fire and sit round it in order to keep warm before they went to bed.

Resource 5: Kalulu story

Section 4: Investigating the changing environment