Section 4: Investigating the changing environment

Key Focus Question: How can you raise pupils’ awareness of the issues of resources and pollution in the environment?

Keywords: environment; group investigations; fieldwork; resources; global warming; pollution

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this section, you will have:

  • used different strategies to raise awareness of pollution and climate change;
  • used an investigative approach to help pupils understand the effects of pollution;
  • used group work and simple fieldwork to develop young pupils’ understanding of local resources.


Developing an appreciation in your pupils of their local environment and the need to preserve and protect it is important if they are to understand their responsibility to care for their environment as a whole. This section aims to help you to structure lessons and activities that will link care of the local environment to worldwide problems of pollution and weather change. To support your pupils, you should read about environmental issues as this will provide ideas for lessons and keep you up to date on key ideas.

By investigating issues such as pollution in real-life situations and by conducting experiments, your pupils will enjoy learning, as they are actively involved in activities that have meaning for them.

Resource 6: How weather affected Mr Mubita and his family

1. Exploring local plants