Resource 3: Lunda kinship terms

Teacher resource for planning or adapting to use with pupils


Lunda termExplanation 
mamamother, aunt on mother's side
a-mamamothers, mother's sisters
(Honorific 'mothers' in general)
mama wakansi  aunt, a younger ‘mother’, mother's
younger sister
mama wamukulumpiaunt, mother's older sister
tatafather, uncle on father's side
a-tatafathers, fathers' brothers
 (Honorific 'fathers' in general)
tata wakansiuncle, a younger ‘father’, father's
 younger brother
tata wamukulumpi uncle, father's older brother
yayaolder brother, sister or cousin
a-yaya older relation
 Used honorifically as well
mwanyikami young brother
anyikijamiyoung brothers
muhelasister (sister to brother)
a-helasisters (sisters to brother)
a-muhela(honorific 'sister')
mandumiuncle on mother's side
a-mandumimother's brothers
 Used as honorific as well
tatankaji, tata wamumbandaaunt on father's side (female father)
a-tatankaji, atata wamumbandafather's sisters (used as honorific)
nkakagrandfather, grandmother
a-nkakagrandfathers, grandmothers

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