Resource 1: A homework list of local artefacts

Example of pupils' work

This was the homework list that Jabali handed in, as marked by Mrs Kabalimu.

Names of Artefacts
1. Drum✔ 
2. Guitar Is this the guitar that you made?
3. Wooden spoon✔ 
4. Bottle Think about this again. Was the bottle really made in your community?
5. Clay pots ✔ Very good
6. Tingatinga paintingWhat is this?
7. Car toyIs it one of the toys made in your village?
8. Handwoven mat✔ 
Well done Jabali. You have collected a good list of artefacts here. Make sure you understand which of them are made in your community.

3. Creating an informative exhibition

Resource 2: Categories for organising types of artworks and artefacts