Resource 3: Thinking back about dance

Teacher resource for planning or adapting to use with pupils

You can use the questions here to help your pupils reflect back on their experiences. Ask them to read and think about these questions carefully and to answer them in an honest and detailed way.

  1. Write down three or more words to describe how you felt during each of the following stages:
    • a.presenting your dance to the class;
    • b.watching the other dances;
    • c.performing your dance in front of the audience.
  2. What did you enjoy most about these lessons? Why?
  3. What did you find most challenging about these lessons? Why?
  4. What do you think is the most successful thing about your dance? Why?
  5. Do you think there are any ways you could improve your dance? If so, how?
  6. Which other performances did you like? Why?
  7. Have you learned anything new about yourself?
  8. What have you learned from the other performances?

Resource 2: Redifining our dance

Section 4: Using music in the classroom