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Online Education

Online Education


The Open University (OU), Skills for Prosperity Kenya (SFPK), Digital Education for Universities: Online Education provides broad training to strengthen strategies and develop skills and capabilities for delivering quality digital (online and blended) university education. The course is designed for university educators, educational leaders and production and support teams in Kenya.

The Online Education course has two parts comprising eight-sessions in all. By successfully completing both 4-session parts, you will receive digital badges and a printable certificate.

You will be encouraged to join the course community of practice (private) Facebook group, to share and discuss your learning with colleagues from your own and other universities in Kenya.

SFPK Digital Education for Universities: Online Education is provided by The Open University, UK.

Please note: this page is best viewed in desktop mode (the course is mobile responsive).

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Sign up, sign in and enrol on the course

This Skills for Prosperity Kenya website is hosted by the OU platform OpenLearn Create, which means you need to sign in with a free OU account.

To enrol, first Sign up (register) for a free OU account by clicking on the ‘Sign up / Sign in’ button above and then ‘Create account’. Then return to this page, sign in, access the course below and enrol. When you sign in on this platform, it pulls information about you from the central OU registration database (your name, email address and OU computer username – OUCU, your progress on the course, and the digital Badges and Certificates you have achieved).

Edit your name and email address

The name on your printable Certificate of Completion pulls through automatically from your registration information. If you need to change your name or contact email address in your OU registered account please go to and amend your details. This will pull through to the OpenLearn Create database after you login to OpenLearn Create again (the change can take time to appear). Please note, currently the system does not pull all forenames through into the OpenLearn Create database so if you want your middle name(s) to appear in any Certificate you achieve, you need to put your middle name(s) in the surname field.

  • Skills for Prosperity: Online Education

    Skills for Prosperity: Online Education

    Skills for Prosperity: Online Education

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