Section 3 : Looking at work and employment

Key Focus Question: How can different ways of grouping pupils develop understanding of work and employment?

Keywords: group work; collaboration; debate; local contexts; work; employment

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this section, you will have:

  • used ‘think-pair-share’ to help your pupils realise the importance of work in the home and community;
  • prepared collaborative (joint) activities and assessed individual learning;
  • used local contexts and resources to motivate pupils to understand about work and employment.


The way you group pupils for discussion can make a big difference to their learning experience. Sometimes you will want to group them according to ability; sometimes you will want to mix quicker and slower pupils. If you have a large and/or multigrade class, you may need to group them according to age or grade. In this section, you will use different forms of grouping for both individual and collaborative working to help pupils discuss and reflect on their understanding of work and employment.

You can also use local contexts and resources to motivate pupils so that they use their own initiative to make useful and saleable items from local materials.

1. Using group work and pair work to explore employment