Equal opportunities

Public holiday:

We all worry when an external examiner is coming to our classroom, but how professional is teacher Kwame in this situation? How does he make the situation disadvantage one of his pupils? It is important to value all our pupils, whatever their abilities. What can you do to make sure everyone has a chance to participate in your lessons?

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Seeking help:

It's important to find ways to help all our pupils to participate. How does teacher Florence use her pupil's strengths here to help Mimi participate in the music lesson? As the teacher, what can you do to encourage all your pupils to contribute to discussions and participate in activities?

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Smart father:

How does father Linus resolve the problem between the children here in this drama? Linus wisely gave Major some responsibility in this incident. What sort of strategies can you use in your classroom and school to deal with difficult situations like bullying?

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The lost boy:

Listen to the drama in this village and think about all the assumptions that are being made by different characters - teacher Titus, Ezekiel, Sergeant Vitus, Madam Adjua and the lost boy – Ejike. In the event described here, what was the result of the assumptions? How were they challenged? How could you develop your knowledge and understanding of your pupils? This will enable you to make better judgements about how to help them learn and achieve their potential.

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Keep your mouth shut:

Ada is a quiet, shy pupil who sits at the back of the class. She has trouble hearing the teacher, so her friend helps her. But this gets her into trouble. How could the teacher, Kwame have known about Ada’s difficulties? What could Kwame do to support Ada in the class?

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