Resource 1: Ways of earning money – Mr Petrus’ class list

Example of pupils' work

Formal ways to earn money

  • Work for the government.
  • Work for a company.
  • Work for a small-business person.
  • Run own business.
  • Make things.
  • Work for an NGO.
  • Work at a clinic.
  • Be a teacher.
  • Build furniture.
  • Work in a garage.
  • Be a plumber.

Informal ways to earn money

  • Sell things.
  • Grow things.
  • Sell hot food to workers.
  • Sew.
  • Fix cars.
  • Street trading.
  • Be a local guide.
  • Be a domestic worker.
  • Be a gardener.

3. Developing entrepreneurial skills

Resource 2: Worksheet for the visit to the market