Resource 6: ‘Argument’ phrases

Background information / subject knowledge for teacher

Argument phrases

We maintain that ...

Our reasons for saying this are as follows: Firstly, ... Secondly, ... Finally and most importantly, ...

In the (newspaper name), of (date), (name of person) writes ... OR (name of author), in his book (name of book), says ... This shows that ... OR This proves that ...

Some say that ... But we believe ...

Our experience has shown ...

Assessment questions

  • Does the letter start by stating the case, or argument, clearly?
  • Does it present arguments supporting this statement?
  • Does it include some information that relates it to local circumstances or events and gives it a human touch?
  • Does it present the case once more, conclusively, in the last paragraph?
  • Is it well structured, divided into paragraphs, each with a main idea?
  • Is it accurate, with no grammar, spelling or punctuation errors?

Resource 5: Example letter – written by Vivian’s class