Resource 4: Understanding the structure of leaves

Teacher resource for planning or adapting to use with pupils

This resource can be copied for all students, or you can copy it on to the board.


  1. Look at the different leaves you are given.

    Read the statements a to e below.

    Write the statements in your book, leaving a clear line after each one.

    • a.Leaves are flat with a large surface area
    • b.Leaves have lines called veins on them
    • c.Leaves are usually green
    • d.The upper surface is darker green than the lower surface
    • e.Leaves are thin
  2. Complete your sentences using statements f to j below.

    • take water to all parts of the leaf.
    • a lot of sunlight falls on them.
    • h.because there is more chlorophyll near the top of the leaf.
    • i.because they contain chlorophyll to absorb light energy.
    • gases don’t have far to move.
  3. Draw one of the leaves.

    Label the following parts:

    • Veins
    • Midrib (a big vein in the middle)
    • Blade (the flat part).
  4. If you notice anything else the leaves have in common write it down.

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