Resource 6: Planning resource for students

Teacher resource for planning or adapting to use with pupils

How can we keep water cool as long as possible?

A cold drink straight from a fridge or chiller can be very refreshing, but it won’t stay cold for long!

Work with your partner to design a way of keeping water cold in a hot climate. You will need to make and test your design, then present a report explaining how it works. Your report should include technical terms associated with heat transfer.

The writing frame below may help you. Structure your report by answering the questions:

Introduction and plan

What are you trying to find out?

What features do you think will be important? Explain how they could help. Include labelled diagrams of the designs you plan to test.

Describe how you will test your designs to find out which one is best. How will you make this a fair test? What measurements will you take?

Results and evaluation

Present your results in a table and using appropriate graphs or charts.

What do the results suggest? Why do you think this design worked the best?

Resource 5: Keeping things cool

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