9. Auditing an inclusive teacher’s behaviour

Using the questions below, think about your own behaviour as a teacher. Answer the questions honestly. Are there examples in the activities that your pupils do in class that clearly support your ideas?

QuestionsAnswers at the beginning of your training (date: )Answers at the end of your training (date: )
Are you a positive or negative teacher in the way you treat your pupils?
How could you be more positive?
Do you try to encourage or discourage your pupils?
How can you encourage them even more?
Do you make them happy when they learn?
Do you sometimes make them feel sad or angry, or evoke fear?
Which aspect of your teaching behaviour would you like to change?
How could you do that?
Who could support you?
Which aspect of your pupils’ social behaviour would you like to change?
How could you help them achieve this change?
Adapted from TESSA Resources, Life skills (Primary), Module 1, Section 4, Resource 1

8.3 Networking with parents, the community and other schools