3. A classroom for all in a school for all

At the end of this chapter, teachers should be able to:

  • organise the physical space in their classroom to create a safe environment
  • take into account the situation of children with special needs to facilitate their access to learning
  • reflect on the management of interactions within the classroom so that everyone can feel confident
  • consider carefully the organisation of pupils to encourage collaborative learning
  • understand the importance of motivation for positive schooling.

The organisation of the physical space and the atmosphere in the classroom/school play a crucial role in facilitating learning. To create a classroom/school safe from physical or emotional danger you, as a teacher, need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do my school and class enable children to move without danger?
  • What are the actions I can take to enable all children to enjoy an accessible and risk-free environment?

2.8 Reflection on the inclusive teacher

3.1 The physical space in the classroom and school