Chinese Cultural Competency: Engaging in successful business

Chinese Cultural Competency: Engaging in successful business

    • Business with China is on the increase. Beyond the dos and don'ts of cultural etiquette, more and more business professionals are recognising the need for a deeper understanding of Chinese culture and values to engage in long-term and successful business relationships.  

      This three week short course will introduce you to some core Chinese cultural beliefs and values, highlighting potential challenges and sharing stories and reflections from westerners who have lived and worked in China. By focusing on some key aspects of Chinese culture and introducing some useful language expressions, the course will equip you to manage intercultural encounters successfully and make a long standing and positive impression. As part of the course you will complete your own Learning journal which will help you consider and reflect upon a number of cultural scenarios. Download the Learning journal from the link below onto your own device.

      Before you start, read the Briefing note below which contains important information about how to navigate on this platform.

      *Please note the course will be closed at the end of Feb 2019*

  • Course learning outcomes

    In the context of working with Chinese culture, whether this be business trips, hosting delegations, partnerships with Chinese organisations, or simply doing business in this market, this course aims to help you:

    • Raise your cultural awareness and improve your intercultural competence

    • Develop and integrate intercultural skills and strategies in Chinese business contexts;

    • Reflect on and deepen your understanding of why China is a hierarchical society and the impact of it on doing business in China;

    • Explore the concepts of  guanxi, Confucius values, harmony and mianzi that underpin Chinese business dealings;

    • Communicate more effectively with the Chinese people you interact with; and

    • Master some essential Mandarin Chinese expressions for you to get by

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