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How to use OpenLearn Create

How to use OpenLearn Create
    • This guide explains how to create Open Educational Resources using the standard Moodle functionality of OpenLearn Create.

      This user guide is under development.  If you discover anything in it which doesn't seem clear enough or a resource or activity tool which doesn't work properly, please let us know by emailing

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    Guide content

    • ExpandPlanning your open course

    • ExpandCreate a space for your open course

    • ExpandCourse home page

    • ExpandAdd learning outcomes

    • ExpandSetting up the structure

    • ExpandCollaborating to author and edit the course

    • ExpandAdd the course content

    • ExpandMoving content around

    • ExpandActivity and Course completion tracking

    • ExpandTesting your open course

    • ExpandMaking your space live

    • ExpandFeedback on this user guide

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