1.1 Overview

This Unit provides an introduction to Reusable Learning Content sometimes called Educational eContent. But why would be you interested in exploring this?

Take a few moments to reflect on your reasons for looking at this unit and ways in which you hope it will help you.

Through five sections this course is designed to lead you on a journey of understanding how to identify some of the key issues related to Reusable Learning Content  (RLC).

This overview page is followed by the learning outcomes of this course.

Section 2 presents the importance of RLC and asks you to think why it might be useful for you.

Section 3 discusses the concept of reusability and ROR: attributes & specifications and offers you some references for acquiring further information.

Section 4 outlines some emerging practices of content development for 'reuse'. It also highlights some challenges and recommendations regarding reusability.

The final part, section 5, shows some tools and strategies for developing content for reuse.

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