4.4 The Open ICOPER Content Space (OICS)

The OICS has been defined within the context of the overall ICOPER project as the umbrella that combines a portfolio of interoperable repositories, content and tools, and as a test bed for the specifications and standards of the IRM. The main challenge during the establishment of the first version of the OICS appeared to be in setting up “an architecture capable of dealing with heterogeneous types of metadata from various sources (see Table 2 below) and delivering innovative learning outcome oriented services” (Totschnig et al, 2009).

In order to meet the demands of testing interoperability formats and standards, a number of OER repositories have been integrated into the OICS, namely:

Repository name Institution Type Quantity & definition IPR
The Spider, The Swedish learning repository federation Umea university Text, images, sound, movie, learning objects 2229 resources (no information about learning time currently encoded) Mostly free resources
OpenER Open university of the Netherlands Self learning materials for High School MBO level 750 hours (25 ECTS) in units of max. 25 hours (not yet encoded in metadata) Creative Commons License 2.5 (BY-NC-SA)

Open university (UK)

Structured learning online courses

5970 hours according to metadata information


Creative Commons ShareAlike v2.0

Table 2: OER repositories integrated into the OICS (see Totschnig et al, 2009).

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