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Farm-Ed is an innovative new programme to benefit African farmers launched by a consortium of UK and African partners. It aims to make a step-change in agricultural education in Africa.  The programme provides free access to up-to-date learning materials (Open Educational Resources or OERs) on agricultural practice and policy. 

Working with a range of stakeholders through our principal partners, RUFORUM and ANAFE, the learning materials will build capacity of African training institutions and organisations.

We believe that farmers deserve better access to high-quality and up to date information to help them make the choices to enable them to add value to their businesses and farming operations. 

  • The resilience of co-operatives: lessons from Africa

    The resilience of co-operatives: lessons from Africa

    This unit supports those in the public and private sectors who are working with rural co-operatives in Africa and elsewhere in a development setting. The unit provides a framework for analysing and promoting rural co-operative resilience and includes case studies of four co-operative unions in Malawi (coffee, timber and savings and credit). The activities suggest how participants can use the framework in other contexts.

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