Arduino for Beginners

Arduino for Beginners
  • Course learning outcomes

    1. Students in this class will develop fluency with the physics of small robots, an

    understanding of physical inputs and outputs, and programming tools that

    enable autonomous behavior.

    2. Specific topics will include digital I/O, serial I/O protocols, and analog-to digital

    conversion and interrupt mechanisms. A lecture cum lab course format

    will be employed to provide hands-on experience and active learning


    3. Students will be able to develop applications like having sensing and decision

    making capabilities.

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    Steve Cross

    Arduino for beginners

    Steve Cross3 February 2019 5:38

    Absolutely useless! I can read a sketch for myself, it is the explanation I wanted not just a series of highlights. The person operating the mouse was not very steady either. If this is the level of the O.U. free courses then I probably will not bother trying others. Thank you anyway.

About this course

  • 4 hours study
  • Level 0: Beginner


1 out of 5 stars

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