Organic Chemistry of Food

Organic Chemistry of Food
    • Organic Chemistry of Food

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  • Course learning outcomes

    • Distinguish and summarise the different nutrients in food 
    • Examine the functions of the nutrients
    • Categorise the food additives and explain their influence on food
    • Generalise reasons for spoilage of food and its prevention
    • Debate and decide on the different types of food storage
    • Compare food processing methods

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Course content

  • Week 1. Nutrients in food

    Food composition is complex and is generally studied in terms of the nutrients each type of food provides. The macronutrients in food are the carbohydrates, proteins, fats and oils while the micronutrients are mainly the vitamins and minerals. Each of these is dealt with in the following sections.

    Pages: 5Quizzes: 4
  • Week 2. Animal Sources of food

    This unit will explore the different food obtained from animal sources.

    Pages: 6Quiz: 1
  • Week 3. Other Aspects of Food

    This week will explore other aspects of food like food additives, its preservation and food processing

    Pages: 6Quiz: 1

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  • 12 hours study
  • Level 1: Introductory


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