Inching Towards Genocide: Trump’s Persecution of Hispanic Immigration

Inching Towards Genocide: Trump’s Persecution of Hispanic Immigration
    • Introduction

  • Course learning outcomes

    At the conclusion of this course you will be:

    • Knowledgeable of the history of immigration in the United States
    • Knowledgeable of the Ten Stages of Genocide by Gregory Stanton
    • Knowledgeable of the practices and policies enacted by the Trump Administration targeting immigration in the United States
    • Aware of the ways in which the Trump Administration is engaging with these stages
    • Aware of immigration advocacy groups operating throughout the nation

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Course content

  • ExpandModule One: Defining Genocide

  • ExpandModule Two: Immigration and the U.S. Southern Border

  • ExpandModule Three: Classification

  • ExpandModule Four: Symbolism

  • ExpandModule Five: Discrimination

  • ExpandModule Six: Dehumanization

  • ExpandModule Seven: Organization

  • ExpandModule Eight: Polarization

  • ExpandModule Nine: Preparation

  • ExpandModule Ten: Persecution

  • ExpandModule Eleven: Extermination

  • ExpandModule Twelve: Denial

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    Claudia Soeiro

    Claudia Soeiro7 May 2020 9:41

    interesting subject

    Cassandra Boulanger

    Cassandra Boulanger10 March 2020 3:59

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  • Level 1: Introductory


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