Cultural Intelligence in Addictions Boot Camp 2020: Case Aide Training - CAACF Accredited

Cultural Intelligence in Addictions Boot Camp 2020: Case Aide Training - CAACF Accredited
    • Introduction


      ****This course is currently under construction. The expected start date is July 2, 2020***

      The PARfessionals School of Behavioral Health in partnership with provides cutting edge, accessible, affordable training that will not only provide you with the knowledge you need to be good at what you want to do, but also the support you will need as you grow in your profession with mobile responsive content available at your convenience. 

      Our passion and our promise is to provide you with the highest quality knowledge and training to ensure you are the best at what you do.                                                             

      Intended Audience

      Those interested in becoming a case aide within a community behavioral health or comprehensive healthcare treatment system.                                 

      Students will also engage in the course materials through mobile apps.  

      We recommend the following:

      ·         Review PARfessionals’ archival library and take advantage of its free material resources.

      ·         Download the course apps and go through the materials at least once to familiarize yourself with the material and activities.

      ·         Facilitate discussion by inviting students to share experiences, questions, comments, and suggestions relevant to each module. Encourage students to process Learning Journal questions or variations of them in groups or small groups.

      ·         Adapt material from your own experiences into the course material.


      ·         All students must read the material, complete the activities, and complete a course exit survey.

      ·         Students are required to read all course content and strongly encouraged to review recommended reading and resources.

      ·         In order to maintain engagement with the curriculum, and show your commitment, all students are required to consistently and diligently make a timely effort. We expect your participation to consist of regular contributions to keep within the new 60-day completion schedule.

      ·         Consistency is important. It is a student’s responsibility to spend an adequate amount of time on the homework each week.


      Course Tools

      Multiple styles of learning are considered throughout this course. Presented material will be concise and focused on the minimum amount of information necessary to acquire knowledge, however, further reading, sources for the curious, activities and supplemental apps are available to enhance knowledge and skills.


      Format of the course

      Learning goals and objectives

      Each module will begin with learning goals and objectives followed by instructional material.


      Digital-based learning with vocabulary app

      Throughout the material will be bold words that students are expected to become familiar with and can be studied using the vocabulary app.


      Digital game-based learning

      Appeerneur created multiple apps to help students learn material.

      Self-study resources

      Sources and materials for future learning and investigating more about the topic presented. These items are optional.



      A short review summary of the instructional material presented.


    • Course learning outcomes

      This online training course is designed to be comprehensive and prepare college level students for mobile crisis behavioral health services, harm reduction prevention strategies and universal certification. It will cover basic knowledge including the etiology of mobile crisis emergence outreach teams, history of peer services and treatment systems, current state of treatment systems, what makes peer services important and different, basic knowledge of recovery, mental health, addiction and treatment models. Then, creating partnerships in a peer relationship will be covered along with the basics of cultural intelligence in the addictions world and recovery planning. The final section of the course addresses advocacy activities and career planning.

    Below is the course content. You can click on any section here and it will take you through to this section of the course.

    Course content

    • ExpandUnit 1: Systemic Change: The Evolution to Comprehensive and Integrative Care

    • ExpandUnit 2: Current State of Affairs

    • ExpandUnit 3: Whole Health Recovery Basics

    • ExpandUnit 4: Mental Health Basics

    • ExpandUnit 5: Addiction Science Basics

    • ExpandUnit 6: Addiction Recovery Models

    • ExpandUnit 7: Co-occurring Disorders

    • ExpandUnit 8: Medication Assisted Treatment

    • ExpandUnit 9: Trauma-informed Care

    • ExpandUnit 10: Systems Factors influencing Health and Wellness

    • ExpandUnit 11: Clinical Research Basics

    • ExpandUnit 12: Ethics

    • ExpandUnit 13: Creating Partnership

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