Introducing Strength in Sport

Introducing Strength in Sport
    • Introduction

      In every sport strength in one of the most important quality required, but only a small group of coach use strength program to train their athletes.

      In this course you will understand why strength is so important for athletes who want to succeed in their sport.

  • Course learning outcomes

    Studying this course you will learn the fundamental aspect of the strength in sport.

    • You will know the different type of strength
    • How strength work can maximise the performance.
    • Manage a correct schedule of strength training

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Course content

  • ExpandClassification of Strength

  • ExpandMaximal Strength

  • ExpandStrength Speed

  • ExpandPeak Power

  • ExpandSpeed Strength

  • ExpandTraining Strength

  • ExpandStrength Program

  • ExpandConclusion

  • ExpandReferences

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    Basavaraju C B R


    Basavaraju C B R30 September 2020 9:23


    Fahad Alshaibani

    Fahad Alshaibani20 August 2020 10:57

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    Jason Ruff

    Introducing strength in sport

    Jason Ruff9 June 2020 10:07

    An OK insight into the basics but can't see any type of test to test our understanding of what we've learnt.

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About this course

  • 1 hour study
  • Level 1: Introductory


3.3 out of 5 stars

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