Comprehensive Program on Screening and Prevention of Suicide in young adults

Comprehensive Program on Screening and Prevention of Suicide in young adults
    • Prevention of Suicide among Young Adults

      This course is a comprehensive program enabling participants to acquaint, aware, sensitize and learn to understand the possibility of prevention of suicide. The present course is spread over- two month period, requiring minimum involvement of 18 to 20 hours of investment in total. The objective of the program will be to provide right knowledge of suicide (sensitization), required skills in identification, screening and assisting at risk youth (assessment and counselling skills) and promotion of suicide prevention (campaigning and sensitization in higher educational campuses and other platforms). The participants of the program will be mainly educators, student council members, wardens, mentors, hostel staff and parents. The basic requirement of the participation is not related to academic competence rather their intention to play significant role as a mentor in adolescence and young adults life. The course enable you to feel empowered and competent enough to identify and connect to right help through providing systematic knowledge about it. Every module is the base and will facilitate the upcoming module. The course will be covered in six modules. As mentioned above the sequence of the modules have a basic intent of facilitating the participants from knowledge to execution part. These modules will be covered using many activities like online lectures, readings, collaborative activities, quizzes and small field work.
  • Course learning outcomes

    The participants will be able to 

    1. Develop deeper understanding about suicide and suicide prevention 

    2. To learn basic screening and assessment for high risk population

    3. Understand  various intervention to handle such instances 

    4. To understand the referral systems with specific context of Maharashtra (India)

    5. Plan and execute the preventive steps to sensitize about this (Planning Campaigns) 

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Course content

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Course reviews

    Elaine Debenham

    Sometimes useful but has a few teething problems

    Elaine Debenham29 August 2020 6:59

    I think the title of the course should mention the emphasis on India. Although some information was general and therefore useful, Module 3 included information about suicide screening. This is used in the Indian Mental Health Service but the NICE guidelines advise risk-predicting score systems for determining suicidal intent does NOT have a good predictive ability and should not be used. Therefore to a UK market this module was interesting but not relevant. The first 2 modules had some interesting information and certainly made me aware of some underlying assumptions I had about suicide. It also made me do some independent research on things that were mentioned. However, some of the activities seem unfinished. Some of the videos did not appear to match the title (For example, module 5 has a video about referrals but the video was actually aimed at school children.) In module 4 there were two links to the same videos and the reflection question at the end of the module asks what we learned in module 3! These are teething problems and I'm sure in time this will be a valuable resource for anyone who has an interest in suicide in young adults, particularly in India.

    Amar Wagani

    Need of the hour

    Amar Wagani26 June 2020 11:37

    In the current covid 19 situation such a course development with such systematic data on how to identify at risk individuals will surely help many people like us who are willing to help those in need. Dont miss the videos in the course they seem to be developed very thoughtfully in Indian context.

    Papiya Sanyal

    Suicide Prevention

    Papiya Sanyal26 June 2020 8:27

    I like it's content which is systematically designed.

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  • 20 hours study
  • Level 0: Beginner


4.4 out of 5 stars

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