A General Introduction to International Economic Law

A General Introduction to International Economic Law
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      The purpose of this unit is to increase:

      • Familiarisation with the historical development and purpose of the most prominent institutions regulating international economics.

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      Millard Geng Nguen Diehgien

      International Economic Law

      Millard Geng Nguen Diehgien15 May 2019 1:13

      this is too new to me and i like the way it was design

      abc Abc

      abc Abc26 December 2018 8:40

      Rating entered. No review given

      Diane Harris

      A general Introduction to International Economic Law

      Diane Harris30 October 2018 5:40

      I have thoroughly enjoyed this course, and lots of new knowledge in this subject, thank you for presenting it. Kindest Regards Diane Harris

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    • 8 hours study
    • Level 3: Advanced


    3.3 out of 5 stars

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