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You can request a collection is created for you if you have created several courses and want to group them together. This provides a 'home page' for your courses and means they will also be displayed on the Collections home page which serves to advertise collections of courses to learners.

You will need an image for the Collection home page and if your collection of courses was all created by the same organisation you can add the organisation logo to the collection home page as well. Please provide a clear description of the collection and a short summary about it. The summary, image, logo and collection title will be used in the display about your Collection on the Collections page.

When you want to edit your collection go to Manage your Collections (which you can reach via Create a course - Manage my course - Your Collections).

Supported project collections on
OpenLearn Create

Our team of world class Open Education specialists based within The Open University can provide innovative solutions for your project. See Production Services at The Open University

If your courses or collection require additional features and functionality and you require support with setting this up then you need a project, this is a service we can provide for a fee.

Work with us to create your project

  • We work with you to refine your materials for online teaching and learning, using learning design processes
  • We set up your collection space and courses within the collection
  • We can help you populate your collection space and courses, using OU structured content or you build your courses using Moodle only.
  • We build quizzes for your courses or we give you the permissions and guidance to do this yourself
  • We set up activity and course completion tracking, badges and Statement of Participation (if required) or we give you the permissions and guidance to do this yourself

To find out how we can help and how you can use OpenLearn Create for your project:

  1. please email us at with details of your enquiry
  2. a member of our team will reply to you

We will work with you to determine whether you can either work, unsupported, where you set up a collection and courses and request extended functionality (such as OU structured content - XML), or supported where depending on your budget, we will work with you to help deliver your project, utilising the site to its full capability. We liaise with you to complete a project specification to gather more details about your requirements for your supported project collection.  Your options include:

  1. You create your own courses for your courses which will be framed by the OpenLearn Create header and footer (unsupported)
  2. We build your courses and your collection for you, hosted as a collection (framed by the OpenLearn Create header and footer) (using the online learning platform functionality of OpenLearn Create such as learner tracking, quizzes and badges) (supported)
  3. We build a portal site with bespoke navigation and your header and footer to host your OpenLearn Create courses (using the online learning platform functionality of OpenLearn Create such as learner tracking, quizzes and badges) (supported)

If courses in your supported project collection require completion tracking, badges, a Statement of Participation or Custom Moodle Certificate, you will need to complete the following forms once the project is set up:

If you need access to learner progress data for your courses, you will need to complete the following form before your courses are made live:

See some of the projects which are using OpenLearn Create to host their open educational resources.

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