Employer Research Checklist

1. Labour market information and intelligence

Employer research checklist

  1. Website
  2. Social media channels
  3. Recent news stories
  4. Competitors
  5. Industry experts

The labour market is affected by many external factors. Your research can help you to assess the affects these may have on your company/organisation/sector:

  • Government Policy: changes and updates, e.g. a change of government could change your sector, how it’s funded, how it’s represented in the press, etc.
  • Technology: advances and adaptations happen on a daily basis
  • Demography: characteristics of the population, e.g. we have an aging workforce in the UK
  • Globalisation: international market changes can affect your business in subtle or dramatic ways
  • Education: supply and demand – your degree may not have existed 20 or even 2 years ago

In addition, there are two important data sources which can help you: LMI (Labour Market Information and Labour Market Intelligence)

  • Specialist graduate support sites like Prospects Luminate


  • Government departments and agencies, e.g. Department of Business, Innovation and Skills

Department of Business, Innovation and Skills

  • Local government
  • Employer organisations, e.g. Institute of Student Employers (ISE)

Institute of Student Employers

  • Trade Unions/Professional Associations
  • NGOs (Non-governmental organisations)
  • Academic and research establishments/organisations