Unhappy with your current situation

1. Unhappy with your current situation?

First, let’s get the clichés over with – your mindset really does make a difference. Stay positive and continue to put in the effort.

If you’re in a situation you didn’t think you’d be in at this point in your life, it’s difficult not to feel disappointed. Perhaps you’re working at the bar job you had throughout university, or you took a fixed-term contract which will end soon, or you’re currently volunteering to avoid gaps in your CV. We won’t make any assumptions about what you want from your future, but whether you wish you were on a graduate scheme or travelling around the world, there are things you can do now to ensure you’re making the most of current opportunities available to you.

The first thing to remember is that you are not in the ‘wrong’ situation. Many graduates feel immense pressure to find the perfect graduate-level job straight out of university, but the reality is that this rarely happens. You may be thinking that doesn’t sound accurate, you have plenty of friends who’ve landed their perfect job, but that’s no guarantee that it will be right for them longer term.

Career planning can help you to think about what you want to achieve longer term, but for now, focus on what you’re getting from your current situation.

  1. Expanding your network
  2. Making productive use of your time
  3. Gaining transferable skills you can use in the future
  4. Considering your options and taking time to look for something you really want to do
  5. Possibly resting after a challenging few years of academia

Remember that each of the above is a valid reason in isolation so if you can tick off a few, you’re making a positive choice about your future by staying in your current situation.

That said, when you applied to university you likely had some expectations about your future. They may have changed now that you’ve completed 4 years studying History or you found Business Management isn’t for you, but they’re still in sight. So, while you’re not where you want to be, remember you’re still making progress.