Impact of Covid-19

4. Longer-term planning

4.5. Planning top tips

Long term planning concentrates on the process by which you will achieve your goals – you may not be able to identify every step in the process now, but you can add an initial deadline and review as you go along – be mindful and prepare yourself psychologically that the situation may continue to change:
  • Reflect and adapt to the changing global social and economic situation 
  • Once a day, read or watch the news (if it’s affecting your mental health, choose a trusted source and avoid over-reading, and/or follow a sector publication or one trusted news source)  
  • Research – gain a broad knowledge, but focus on key areas of interest 
  • Use technology to your advantage 
  • Identify where you can add value in different workplace scenarios 
Use expert projections to think about when would now be realistic to enter and progress in your chosen career – consider what you would feel fulfilled by and develop your professional experience in the meantime:
  • What is your current mindset? You've just read about negative mindsets in the What Next? section, do any of these resonate with you? 
  • What behaviours did you notice in your initial response to the situation? Have any of these lingered? What impact are they having?
  • What are your values? 
  • What are your transferable skills? 
  • Where do you need/want to work? e.g. a specific city or county
  • Which organisations and sectors are a suitable match? 
Research immediate opportunities and those which will become available to you later.