Impact of Covid-19

5. Adapting your career plan to take advantage of current opportunities

5.3. Employment opportunites

Organisations found and are still finding ways to adapt and innovate, finding new niches in the market, changing existing processes, and expanding virtual and digital offerings.

Opportunities via recruitment agencies: many agencies specialise in certain sectors or roles. This is a great time to register and take a bit of the legwork out of your current search. Where vacancies are available, organisations will be keen to fill those as soon as possible. The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) offers an online directory of UK agencies. Keep in mind that many of these opportunities will not be advertised elsewhere so consider registering with several agencies.


Virtual internships: during your job search look out for employers advertising “work from home”, “virtual opportunities” and similar. Milkround has produced some tips to think about when searching for a virtual internship. Many employers were already transitioning to remote working models, and the process was sped up during the Covid-19 lockdowns, so more employers are gaining confidence to offer these types of opportunities. If you were planning to start your career in a certain location, this could be your opportunity to do so, without having to be physically there.

Milkround tips

Employer projects: depending on the opportunity, the job titles can vary, including the formality of the language used. Synonymous with the gig economy, options could include micro-internships (short-term but structured), ad-hoc project work (you fill an immediate need), and many variants in between. Examples include research, marketing campaigns, technology installation, tutoring, writing/editing (often digital content like blogs), etc. Organisations now looking to innovate may not have a position open longer-term but have immediate opportunities to fill.

Use our Navigating Job Search section to find vacancy sources.