3.1 ‘Be interested in me’

For the potential volunteer, this stage helps the person to reflect on whether this is the right place for them and decide if they want to get involved. They will want to:

  • learn more about the group or organisation
  • know what roles are available
  • discuss what they can potentially bring to a role
  • share what they hope to get out of it and understand if that can be met
  • ask questions to help them decide if the opportunity is right for them.

At this stage the person is investing in the process, so they will expect detailed information in return, including a clear sense of the level of commitment, or what kinds of skills and training they will receive.

This is also when you will decide if the person is the right fit for your group or organisation. Bear in mind that some people lack confidence and might feel like they don’t have any skills to bring, so you may need to help draw this out. Others might be quite clear that they want to develop new skills, and you’ll need to consider how you can support them to do that in the role, if possible.

‘Be interested in me’ continued